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Solgar Megasorb CoQ-10 Supports Heart Function & Healthy Aging - Enhanced Absorption

Coenzyme-Q10, which is often abbreviated as COQ-10, is a powerful antioxidant that is vita in energy synthesizing. Its level in the body and the body's ability to produce energy reduces as we age. This is a result of what is known as nature's spark plug that involves premature cell aging, which results in depreciated efficiency in body organ functioning.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms due to age or any secondary factor, you can benefit from COQ-10 supplementation. COQ-10 will be even more beneficial to you if you have high blood pressure if you take statins, feel a lack of energy, or have heart-related complications. Solgar provides one of the Best Coq10 supplements on the market.

The ultimate multifunctional COQ-10 supplement  

If you need a wholistic supply of COQ supplementation Solgar gives you a fully packaged supply of:

  • Vegan Omega-3 DHA (extracted from algal oil)

  • Premium multivitamin

  • A spectra whole foods blend and

  • More than 25 ingredients that support a healthy heart and other internal body organs boost your body immunity, and above all, it helps body cellular energy production.

Is this supplement safe? 

Solgar is backed by science and current dietary supplementation studies. The product is ratified and approved by SmartyPants scientific board, which included hard season dieticians and scientists from the dietary and supplementation industry. The supplement has also received a recommendation from the National Academies of Sciences.

Most of all, Solgar capsules are manufactured and packaged in the United States of America following premium domestic and international production standards. Its ingredients are locally and internationally sourced, but they are all third party tested for party and potency. This practically guarantees its safety.   

Supplement ingredients

Solgar easy to swallow PhD capsules contain COQ-10, zinc, antioxidants, vitamin D3- DHA, Lutein & Zeaxanthin, and vitamin B12.

The supplement contains no sugars; it is gluten-free, free of milk products, soy, fish, and egg products. It is free of shellfish, wheat, peanuts, and nut allergens. It also contains no synthetic colors, no artificial sweeteners, and flavors.

The benefits of Solgar 

Supports the heart

The heart requires COQ-10 supply in large quantiles. It helps in energy synthesis, thus producing energy to propel blood circulation. Solgar capsules a high-quality source of COQ-10 vitamin; the compound can be found in various foods, but when the body is in dire needs, you need higher concentrations of COQ-10, which can only be sourced in supplementations.  

Supports the brain 

Solgar contains a high concentration of Omega-3 vitamins and COQ-10 extracts. These help your cognitive abilities and support the brain function properly. On the same note, the brain, just like the heart, needs a large energy supply to improve its efficiency.

It supports the liver. 

The liver is your yoking matter. To support this critical role Solgar have included vitacholine, a premium synthetic form of choline, which helps the liver perform its functions.

Supports cellular energy production

Solgar capsules give power. It contains COQ-10; it is also enhanced with vitamin B12 that comes in the premium form of methylcobalamin, often found in high concentrations in fish foods, meat, and poultry.

Solgar supports body immunity.

It is enhanced with zinc, which supports normal immune functioning, promotes proteins, and enhances DNA. Solgar capsules are also enriched with vitamin D and D3, which are lichen extracts. Vitamin D is critical in strengthening bone and teeth; it also acts as a conductor, thus enhancing the body's utilization of calcium.

Final thought 

Solgar has been a leading provider of nutrients to thousands of people worldwide. Solgar continues to deliver exceptional nutrients with the highest quality ingredients through its smartypants men's PhD capsules.

All their finished products are the third-party tested for quality assurances; for safety, it is verified by quality assurance and regulatory affairs 2019. Additionally, this supplement is processed in the united states following stringent local and international production standards.

Safety information.  

Solgar have made all efforts to ensure their products; they think about everything that goes into this Formula. However, even with this, take precautions when purchasing the supplement. Ensure that the package is well labeled and sealed to avoid taking contaminated capsules. Pregnant women and those who are nursing should seek medical advice before taking the supplement. Even still it is indeed one of the Best Coq10 supplements your money can buy

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